What is Cellular Matrix?

CellularMatrix combines autologous platelet-rich plasma (A-PRP®) and hyaluronic acid (HA) in one special test-tube that contains patented separating gel. Cellular Matrix allows you to get platelet-rich plasma with an adequate platelet concentration, which brings stimulating and regenerating effect.

The treatment with A-PRP® is a safe and effective method of improving endogenous skin regeneration processes. Growth factors released by platelets into the deep layers of the skin initiate and accelerate the regeneration process. Hyaluronic acid has been used in dermatology for over 25 years. This substance that occurs naturally in the skin has an ability to bind large amounts of water.

CellularMatrix combines the moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid and stimulating properties of autologous growth factors released by concentrated platelets.

Due to the autologous nature of platelet-rich plasma, Cellular Matrix is highly secure. The procedure involves only the combination of the patient’s fractionated blood and hyaluronic acid.

What Is the Procedure?

A single treatment lasts about 30 minutes. Afterwards, you can return to your daily activities right away.

  1. Taking a small amount of blood.
  2. Centrifugation of blood in order to separate its components with the patented RegenLab gel.
  3. Combining hyaluronic acid and autologous platelet-rich plasma in a secure system.
  4. Aplication of CellularMatrix to the treatment area (face, cleavage, neck, back of hand etc.) – the technique depends on the type of treatment.
When Can I Expect the First Results?

The effect of the filled and moisturized skin is visible immediately after the first treatment. Further changes can be noticed after about 14 days, as a result of the release of growth factors. The final effect can be observed after the therapy has been ended.

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