Needleless Mesotherapy

Needleless mesotherapy is carried out in the cell membranes and the horny layer, which opens new channels to introduce active substances caused by specific electrical impulses. Needleless mesotherapy is a modern and non-invasive method in which the transport of active substances into the dermis is allowed by electroporation and ultrasound waves. Needleless mesotherapy has an unbeatable advantage over treatments with the use of ultrasounds (sonophoresis, iontophoresis).

Who Can Benefit?

Mesotherapy is primarily an ideal alternative for people who can not tolerate traditional needle mesotherapy for various reasons. Needleless mesotherapy treatments perfectly maintain the results achieved with other aesthetic procedures.

Effectiveness – Science Above All

A needleless mesotherapy treatment consists of four stages:

  • Phase 1 – introduction of the treatment cocktail – the process of electroporation occurs, ion channels open in this phase and the active ingredients penetrate into the cell.
  • Phase 2 – circulation – the further (deeper) implementation of active substances takes place.  A pressure in the cell is generated. Very often, the cell is filled with toxins and is dead, therefore, through the next ion channel the toxins are pushed out of the cell by the generated pressure.
  • Phase 3 – drainage – the further penetration by the active substances occurs. The pressure equalizes to the initial state.
  • Phase 4  – stimulation – the ion channels are closed and the final cell pressure equalizes.

e kanalików jonowych i wyrównanie końcowe ciśnienia komórkowego.

Needleless Mesotherapy As Never Before

To meet the expectations of each client and individual needs of the skin, before each needleless mesotherapy treatment we perform a facial mapping, which is aimed at separating 14 areas of the face and identifying the needs of each. Due to this procedure, an individually selected blend of ingredients reaches the places where it is most needed.

A Revolutionary Approach

The selection of ingredients for needleless mesotherapy consists of three phases:
Phase 1 – face mapping – separation of 14 areas on the face and the assessment of the skin condition.
Phase 2 – the use of a base before the treatment, which consists of the following components: low-molecular hyaluronic acid, stem cells, vitamin B3, a stable form of vitamin C, vitamin A allantoin, glycosaminoglycans, lactic acid, arginine, urea, tripeptide-5, hexapeptide-8, liposomes Q10, algae extract, Vigna Acontifolia seeds extract, and supportive ingredients such as rose water and orange extract.
Phase 3 – the individual selection of components, which meet the needs of the 14 zones of the skin – acne, vascular skin, wrinkles, discoloration, dryness and roughness of the skin.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

As with most therapies, the number of necessary treatments is determined individually. Our aim are the best results, therefore, it is possible to combine various treatments to meet the needs of each client. For needleless mesotherapy, a series of 10 treatments is recommended.

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